Long-Term Care Planning

When preplanning is no longer an option and long-term care needs are already apparent, there are still a number of planning opportunities available.

Whether you are exploring the possibility of bringing caregivers into the home, visiting assisted living facilities, or looking at nursing homes, there are often last-minute planning techniques available to help maximize income, save the home, and shelter other assets.

We often meet clients who are overwhelmed and confused just trying to distinguish between long-term care planning options, let alone how they are going to pay for those options. At The Elder Law Practice, we can help guide you through the maze of long-term care, bringing direction through experience in this difficult field. We will clarify what Medicare and Medicare supplements will and will not pay for, and we will show you other options for funding the high cost of long-term care.

Clients facing long-term care needs usually find that Medicare will not pay for the type of care they need. Some clients in this situation have long-term care insurance to draw on when long-term care needs arise. But for those who don’t, many think that private pay is the only other option. Rarely is this true. Medicaid assistance and Veterans Benefits are often available when long-term care needs arise.

Medicaid Assistance

If you have been told, or just always believed, that you cannot qualify for Medicaid assistance, don’t give up so easily. Arkansas’s Medicaid regulations leave open many more planning opportunities and offer protection for more income and assets than you might think.

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Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran or widow of a veteran but have been told by someone, even possibly someone with the VA, that you do not qualify for Veterans Benefits even though you or your spouse have long-term care needs, it is still worth your time to explore the availability of Veterans Benefits further. In many cases, planning opportunities are available to help you qualify for Veterans Benefits.

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