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A Christmas Story II – 25 Years Later

The Parkers always made sure that Christmas was all about the three F’s – Fun, Food, and Family – with the emphasis on Family. Like any family, the Parkers had their ups and downs. Over the past 25 years, they had made it through much more serious problems than the BB gun incident. But this year, Ralph was trying to sort through a situation involving a fourth F that threatened to overwhelm the other three – Frustration.

A Frightening Forecast

Norman was downright frightened. He just received word from his mother’s doctor that he had no choice but to place his mother in a nursing home to receive 24-hour care. This scared him for two reasons.

Controlling The Line Of Scrimmage

Offensive lineman might not be the most glamorous position on a football team, but most football fans agree that a quarterback is only as good as his offensive line. Leave it to an elder law attorney to relate this universal football truth back to estate planning. Some of the most important parts of a good estate plan are not glamorous, but they are essential to protecting families.

Is It Time For An Estate Planning Upgrade?

As Jane sat in the conference room of her Elder Law attorney’s office, her frustration grew with each passing minute. She came in simply to get a little clarification and peace of mind about how her existing trust worked because her husband, George, had recently been diagnosed with dementia. Instead, she received some rather unexpected and disturbing news.

Time Well Spent

Several years ago Frasier and Niles Crane were sitting in Café Nervosa. As they drank their coffee, they realized their father, Martin, did not have an estate plan in place. They were concerned because Martin was getting older and lived alone. He had some health problems, but was very independent and still worked every day as a police officer.

A Super Bowl To Remember

It had been a long time since Ross spent any significant amount of time with his dad, Jack. Like everyone else, Ross was busy with work and kids, and he didn’t make it by to see his parents as often as he would have liked. More out of guilt than anything else, Ross canceled on several commitments he had made for Super Bowl parties this year so that he and his son could sit and watch the game with his dad.