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Veterans Benefits

Best Kept Secret

Working in the field of Elder Law, I am astounded at the number of Veterans I meet who are not aware of a key benefit available to many older Veterans through the Veterans Administration.

Asset Protection

Dealing with the Unexpected

The Elder Law Practice extends its deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the recent tornado disasters. Unfortunately, natural disasters, accidents, and illnesses unexpectedly take the lives of people we love. For anyone who has to deal with this type of situation, we offer the following steps to get you started on handling an estate.

Asset Protection

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very difficult. This is definitely not a time you want to have to search through all of that person’s papers, mail, and computer to try to figure out what assets they had and how to deal with it all.

Estate Planning

Don’t Leave It To Chance

Ward and June Cleaver always took pride in being good parents. They were involved in their kids’ lives, taught them the things they should know, applied appropriate discipline when necessary, and created a great environment in which to grow up. Wally and Beaver had a good life, and they knew it.

Long-Term Care Planning

Don’t Be Discouraged

Have you ever faced the prospect of trying to figure out whether a family member qualifies for Medicaid assistance to pay for long-term care? Did it feel overwhelming? If so, don’t be discouraged.

Asset Protection

Groundhog Day

It was Groundhog Day again–February 2. This was TV weatherman Phil Conners’ favorite day of the year. But that wasn’t always true. There was a time when Phil hated Groundhog Day with a passion. It seemed to Phil like anything that could go wrong did go wrong on Groundhog Day.

Estate Planning

Starting 2014 Off Right

The new year has more meaning around here as we launch a new website, new offices, and more.

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