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Melissa Burton - Attorney At Law

Melissa Burton

Attorney At Law

Serving Fayetteville

I graduated from law school in 2007 with no idea of what kind of law I wanted to practice. I didn’t even know the specialty of “Elder Law” existed. My first job out of law school was at Windstream Communications in Little Rock doing corporate law. After that, I did family law at a private law firm. To be honest, after two years of the stress of working in family law, I considered completely switching professions and leaving my legal career behind.

About that time, my husband took a job that moved us from Little Rock to Northwest Arkansas. When we moved here, I was looking for any job but “lawyer.” However, as my husband and I were praying for direction in my career path, I met someone who suggested I talk to Todd Whatley at the Elder Law Practice, and I have been an elder law attorney ever since. The longer I work in this field, the clearer it becomes to me that this is exactly where I am supposed to be. Similar to Todd Whatley’s own story, my grandparents were role models to me, and I spent countless summers at their house from birth to my teenage years. My love for my grandparents and my continued closeness to them as an adult has naturally translated into a love of working with seniors and their families. I agree with Todd that the older generation has much to offer, and I love learning from our clients who share their life experiences with us.

Not only do I love our clients, I also truly enjoy the detailed nature of our work. Whether it is drafting a trust as part of an estate plan or reviewing a checklist for a benefits application, part of my role as the managing attorney of the Fayetteville branch of The Elrod Firm is making sure no detail gets missed. I am thankful God stopped me from throwing in the towel as a lawyer and brought me to where I am today. I really cannot imagine better co-workers or better clients, and watching people leave our offices with smiles on their faces never gets old.

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