No matter what stage you are at in life, you need a plan.

The Elrod Firm is not a general practice law firm, doing a little bit of everything. We limit our practice to helping clients put the right plans in place at the right time to meet their goals with confidence. Our plans are extremely thorough but as simple as possible.

The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Planning Ahead

You already know that planning is important. The trouble is, when it comes to Estate Planning, Asset Protection Planning, and Long-Term Care Planning, most people don’t know HOW to plan, or even where to start. If that’s where you find yourself, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

You can decide what happens to your estate without fearing it will end up in the wrong hands.

Estate Planning Helps You:

  • Stay out of probate court when you die
  • Protect your heirs from themselves and others
  • Avoid guardianship court if you become incapacitated

Tax Considerations Help You:

  • Know whether estate and gift taxes matter to you
  • Minimize captial gains taxes when your property is sold
  • Protect retirement accounts from accelerated taxation

Know which taxes matter most to you and don’t pay a penny more than you have to.

Stay ahead of rising long-term care costs to ensure there's something left to inherit.

Asset Protection Helps You:

  • Beat the Medicaid 5-year lookback period
  • Prepare for Veterans Benefits to extend your income
  • Shelter your home from loss to Medicaid leins

The Relief That Comes With Planning For What Happened

We realize that emergencies happen and planning ahead is not always an option. In those difficult cases, the last thing you want to do is figure it out on your own. Creating an emergency plan will minimize the stress and the financial hit that often come with unwelcome surprises.

The Representation You Need When Facing The Courtroom

Sometimes a plan doesn’t come together and you are left facing court proceedings. Probate and guardianship court can be a long and emotional process. You need experience and expertise on your side to make this time as pain-free as possible.

We wrote the book on planning (literally).

The insider strategies listed in this book can save (or make) you tens of thousands if executed properly. You Need A Plan is your starting point to preparing for the future.

You Need A Plan