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You Need A Plan. We Can Help.

Our clients understand that no matter what stage of life you’re in, you need a plan.  We agree.  I am Justin Elrod, estate planning and elder law attorney.  My mission is to inspire people to plan ahead, and the central goal of my team is to make sure you do it right.  Because you’re visiting our website, something has probably happened in your life to remind you of the importance of planning.

  • You just had a baby and want to make sure she is taken care of if anything happens to you.
  • You lost a friend and realize that none of us is promised another day.
  • You have an adult child with legal or financial issues and want to protect his future inheritance.
  • You received a negative medical diagnosis and need to get your affairs in order.
  • You need assisted living but don’t know if you can afford it.
  • You know someone entering a nursing home and want to ensure they get the best care while protecting their income and assets.

What Makes Us Different

Not every attorney has the background to properly handle estate planning work, and most attorneys have no desire to work in the field of long-term care. When you are faced with problems like these, you need a specialist. Just as you wouldn’t go to your general practice physician for a heart surgery, you shouldn’t expect your general practice attorney to have all the best solutions to these issues. You want to work with someone who, like you, realizes the importance of having the right plan at the right time and who loves seeing the relief on people’s faces when they realize there are concrete, workable solutions their problems.


We’re only as good as our clients say.

Hear from other clients who realized they needed a plan and worked with us.

Our Team

We do not have a long list of practice areas.  Working with families like yours, who value planning, is all we do each and every day.  With five locations and a team of almost 20 attorneys and staff we are able to help clients from all over the state.

Justin S. Elrod

Certified Elder Law Attorney

Serving Bryant & Hot Springs Village

Bethany A. Pike

Attorney at Law

Serving Bryant

Lindsey Ray

Attorney at Law

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Melissa Burton

Attorney at Law

Serving Fayetteville

Jamison C. Bonds

Attorney at Law

Serving Fort Smith

James Burrus

Attorney at Law

Serving Bentonville

Case Managers

Amy Cook

Serving Bryant & Hot Springs Village

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Sarah Whatley

Serving Bentonville

Brad Justice

Serving Fayetteville

Valerie Migel

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