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Can V.A. Benefits Work With a Child Caregiver?

Justin, Earlier this year my father, who was a Korean War veteran and my mother’s caregiver, passed away. Afterward, my mom told us children that she wished to continue living at home, and that she greatly preferred to have one of us kids provide her with care, instead of a home-care agency or a stranger. At the end of March, I left my job and moved in with mom, and she is now paying me $2,500 per month.  We are interested to learn what legal avenues exist which could allow her to preserve her savings and permit her to continue living at home for as long as possible. She has a home, a modest savings, and makes $1,300 per month in social security income. – Emma

Emma, Thanks for your questions. I’m happy that it worked out for you to move in and begin caring for your mother.   Earlier this week, we met with a family that had a situation very similar to your own. This family was interested in obtaining benefits under the V.A. Aid and Attendance program, which provides financial assistance to veterans and widows of veterans that have long-term care expenses (such as caregiver, nursing home or assisted living expenses).

The family assumed, thankfully incorrectly, that the program would not work for them, because the lady had a child providing her care, and the child had no past medical experience or education. The family was delighted to hear that, although they did not yet financially qualify since they had a large savings account, the V.A. program would honor child caregiver expenses. We are now creating and implementing a legal plan to protect her assets. Once she is on V.A. Aid and Attendance she will receive $1,150 per month in tax-free income. With the right legal plan, this could be a great fit for your mother as well.

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