Is my old plan still good?

Justin, my wife and I set up our estate plan when our kids were little to make sure they were taken care of in case something happened to us. Our kids now have kids, so it’s been a while since we did our plan. Do we need to re-do everything now?

How does Medicaid treat Jointly-Owned Property?

Justin, I am caregiver for my elderly mother. Several years ago, she added me to the deed on her home, she also added me as a joint owner on her bank accounts, in order for me to be able to more readily assist her

How Can We Afford This Nursing Home?

Justin, My mom is currently in rehab at a nursing home, and her insurance is covering all the charges. But her care team told us yesterday that she will need to transfer to the long-term care unit soon.

Do We Really Owe $22,500?

Justin, I need help. I placed my father in a nursing home about six months ago. The first month was covered by Medicare. After that, the staff at the nursing home said that my dad appeared to be qualified for Medicaid.

Why won’t the insurance company talk to me?

Justin, my mother recently passed away, and I called to ask for the claim form on her life insurance. The company refused to give me any information. She was a widow, and I’m her only child. Why won’t they talk to me?

Will or Trust: Which is Right for Me?

Justin, I’m ready to get my affairs in order, but I don’t even know what questions to ask. I assume I either need a will or a trust, but I don’t know which is better. How do I decide which is right for me?

Why Am I Not the Sole Owner Now?

Justin, my brother and I were co-owners of some land. He passed away, and I’m trying to sell the property, but the title company said I have to probate his part. After my dad died, my mom was able to sell their house without any problem. I don’t understand why I’m having trouble?

What Is a Springing Power of Attorney?

Justin, My dad recently named me as his power of attorney, and he emailed me a copy of the document. From what I can tell, it appears to be something called a “springing durable power of attorney.” Can you tell me what exactly this means?

What’s the Difference?

Justin, I just had a revocable trust drawn up, and I think I understand what it does and why I did it, but after reading the information on your website, I’m curious about the difference between a revocable trust, like I have, and an irrevocable trust. Should I have done an irrevocable trust?