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We Didn’t Plan for This. Now What?

Justin, My husband is currently in rehab. When that’s over, we’re almost sure he won’t be able to come home – long-term care in a nursing home may be his only option. We didn’t plan for this, and I’m terrified. Now what are we supposed to do?  – Tracy

Tracy, I know this is one of the most difficult situations a family can face. Although there’s nothing any lawyer can do to help with the emotional burden you’re dealing with, we can help alleviate the fear you have over the financial strain this situation brings.

There are a couple of different avenues to consider to help you protect your home and the things you’ve worked for all your life and to make sure you have enough money to live on. Most people, even a lot of folks who work in the long-term care industry, know just enough to be dangerous. It is important that you get to work right away, while your husband is still in rehab, and it is essential that you work with the right people. There is a lot of bad information floating around, and you want to be certain that you’re listening to people with your best interests in mind, not theirs.

First, I’d point you to our website. We have designed to be a hub of free, reliable information for people facing this very problem. While you’re there, you can order a copy of my book, You Need A Plan, if you want to go deeper.  But most importantly, you should call to schedule a Strategy Session with one of our attorneys. I have never left a Strategy Session with a family facing nursing home questions where the people in the meeting didn’t leave feeling a great deal of relief – whether they hired us or not.

You are facing a difficult situation, but you don’t have to fact it alone. We’d love to help.

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