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Where Do I Start With My Parents?

Justin, I have been trying for years to get my parents to see an attorney to set up an estate plan, but so far they haven’t budged.  After a recent health scare with my father, I’m pushing again.  Do you have any suggestions to help me convey to them how important this is?  – Susan

Susan, I know you might feel like you are getting on your parents’ nerves when you talk about this stuff, and I’m sure you don’t want to be pushy, but your parents are lucky to have a daughter who cares enough to push.  Having a good plan set up (before they need it) is important for them and for you.

Because we know this is a difficult conversation for people to have, we decided a long time ago to offer an initial consultation at no charge to help people see risk free what we mean when we say, “You need a plan.” But even at that, we realize some people are hesitant to set up a meeting with an attorney.

That’s why, almost two years ago, I released the first edition of my book, You Need A Plan.  It quickly became an Amazon Best Seller, and it has helped thousands of families avoid probate court the smart way, focus on the right tax issues, and plan ahead for the high costs of long-term care.

Since the publication of the first edition, the VA released a major overhaul to the rules governing the Aid and Attendance benefit.  The IRS also made some changes to the estate and gift taxes.  So this month I released a second edition of You Need A Plan with updates in these areas.  My book is available for purchase on Amazon, but you can order it for free from my website –

If you can’t get your parents comfortable with a free planning consultation with an attorney just yet, I wonder if they’d be willing to read up on the topic in the comfort of their own living room?  Then when they’re ready, we’ll be happy to help

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