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Asset Protection

Plan to Avoid Family Conflict

Sometimes people think they don’t need an estate plan because they’ve named one of their children to be the sole owner of all of their assets when they die. They say, “I’m not worried, I know my daughter will do the right thing.” This is not a good idea.

Estate Planning

Three Estate Planning Horror Stories

There is nothing worse than thinking you have everything in order but learning, often when it’s too late to do anything about it, that you really don’t. It almost feels like I imagine a character in a horror movie might feel when he thinks he’s escaped danger. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, only to find that the monster he was trying to avoid is standing right behind him. There are a lot of monsters to avoid in the maze of estate planning.

Estate Planning

Belichick’s Legendary Game Plan

The framework for Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl XXV plan can work just as well off the field as it did for the Giants’ defense in Super Bowl XXV. In life, just like in football, we must set our priorities in a way that gives us the best chance of success, and then we must deploy the resources we have at our disposal accordingly.

Estate Planning

It has finally arrived!

We are proud to announce the release of Justin’s new book, You Need A Plan: How to Prepare for Death, Taxes, and Long-Term Care

Estate Planning

Plan for Worst Case Scenario

As estate planning attorneys, our job is not to simply plan for best case scenario, but to include provisions in your plan for what will happen in the worst case scenario.


Don’t Count on the Media for Estate Planning Advice

Don’t let stories you hear in the media confuse you. Having a will is better than nothing, but it does not make things simple, and it does not keep you out of probate court. Even having a trust won’t keep you out of probate court if you don’t use it right. You must fully fund your trust to protect your family and your estate.

Asset Protection

No Such Thing as a “Simple Will”

Clients frequently ask if we can just set up a simple will for them. They don’t have a whole lot and they don’t want anything fancy or complicated. Although we certainly could draw up a “simple will” for someone, the result of doing that type of planning is not the outcome most people want.

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