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The Tale of Three Joggers

One beautiful spring day in a peaceful central Arkansas neighborhood, three joggers took to the streets for a morning run.

The first jogger was trying to run off some stress. He had a beautiful wife, two great kids, an amazing house . . . but no estate plan. He knew he needed to do something, but he didn’t know what. He assumed it would all be very complicated, so he kept putting it off even though he knew his delays put his family at significant risk. This jogger failed to plan.

The second jogger was not stressed at all. She was just enjoying the weather. She was retired and very financially secure. She also had her legal affairs in order . . . or so she thought. Her entire estate plan was centered on a last will and testament. She had no idea that a will would not keep her estate out of probate court, and in her case, probate would be extremely expensive. This jogger had a plan that was destined to fail.

The third jogger thought he was ahead of everyone. He had all the right gear and newest equipment, but he didn’t use them right. He was financially secure and seemed to be prepared for the future. He had an estate plan, and it was centered around a revocable living trust because he knew, although a will would not keep him out of probate court, a trust would. But he didn’t realize the importance of funding his trust; he didn’t do anything to title his assets correctly so that his trust would work for him. He was headed towards probate court. Just like the second jogger, this jogger had a plan that was destined to fail.

At The Elrod Firm, we specialize in helping families avoid all three of these potential pitfalls. We work with clients looking for very simple plans designed primarily to protect young children. We also work with clients looking for more complex planning designed to protect qualified retirement money, look out for disabled heirs, or shelter assets against the rising costs of long-term care. Most of all, we strive to ensure that no one we come into contact with fails to plan or has a plan that is destined to fail.

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