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What Ancestry Surprise?

Lindsey, my husband recently submitted his DNA to learn more about his ancestry. In the process he discovered he had a daughter he had never known about. How does this affect our estate plan? – Katrina Katrina, thank you so much for writing. Some websites provide “origin” estimates of your ancestry and can even connect you to

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It’s A Thriller To Be Protected

Michael Jackson’s music video for the song “Thriller” was one of the most influential in history.  Jackson himself transformed into not one but two terrifying beings—a werecat and a zombie—and a number of other frightening creatures made appearances as well.  Vincent Price, a horror film legend at the time, provided a chilling voiceover.  The combination

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Episode 02: The Probate Episode

In this episode, Justin and Drew talk about probate court and why you should do everything you can to avoid it.  You’ll hear real-life horror stories about celebrities as well as middle-class families whose failure to plan to avoid probate cost them dearly. What You’ll Learn: The truth about what probate court really involves The

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