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What Are My In-Home Care Options?

James, My husband needs help around the house every day with things like bathing and going to the bathroom. I am able to do most of what he needs but I could use some help, what should I do? I’ve thought about hiring some family or friends to help, is that ok? – Marie

Marie, there are several in-home service providers in the area that can provide a lot of help. These services can come for as few as a couple of hours a few days a week or for several hours for multiple days each week. The people who work for these businesses are trained in helping people like you and your husband and in many cases have spent a career developing the skills and passion for helping the elderly population.

Some services can also help with doctor’s visits and making sure that medications are administered on time and properly. This is where these services will differ from asking family or friends to help. While always a blessing, family and friends are often no equipped or available for the level of care needed.

Most have heard or read about Medicaid qualification for 24-hour skilled nursing home care, but did you know that Arkansas Medicaid also has options to help with home care as well. The Arkansas Waiver program allows people to apply for Medicaid benefits to help with home care and even assisted living expenses.

These programs are not as well known as those associated with nursing home care, but they are a viable option for Arkansans. After qualifying financially and having a medical assessment, patients can qualify for anywhere from 12 to 36 hours of weekly in-home care with no out-of-pocket expense to the patient. This can be a great help and a life saver for caregivers. It can also allow individuals to stay in their home longer, potentially avoiding the need for nursing home relocation altogether.

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