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Topic: Medicaid Benefits

Can We Keep The Home?

Justin, My mother will be moving into a nursing home next week. She owns a house and a car, and she has about $25,000 in the bank. The people I’ve talked to say she just needs to spend her money down to $2,000, then she can go on Medicaid. Is that right?

The House Is Safe, Right?

Justin, My mom lives in a nursing home, and right now she’s on private pay. She has enough money to last the rest of this year and most of next, but when she runs out of funds we expect her to move to Medicaid. Her only other asset is her house, which she wants to leave to me. That should work, right?

How Can We Deal With The Income Cap?

Justin, My mother will be moving from assisted living to a nursing home later this month. When I met with the business office at the nursing home, they told me she needed Medicaid coverage to afford the facility costs but her income is over the Medicaid limit. What can I do?

Can I Be Forced to Pay my Dad’s Nursing Home Bill?

Justin, My father has lived in a nursing home for about a year and his funds are running low. The facility has talked to me about filing a Medicaid application, but if he isn’t approved for Medicaid, can I be forced to pay his nursing home bill?

Are The Stories True?

Justin, My mother is in a nursing home for rehab right now, but the staff is confident that she’ll stay for long-term care when rehab ends. To say my dad is worried is an understatement. He’s extremely concerned about being apart from mom, but he’s also in a panic about money. He was told they’d have to private pay until they’re broke before they can expect any financial help. What should I tell him?

Should I Be Worried About Medicaid Reevaluation?

Justin, I helped my mother get Medicaid coverage for her assisted living facility about a year ago. It was a long and confusing process, but when we finally received the approval notice I thought it was over. To my surprise, last week we received a notice that she was up for reevaluation. Should I be worried she could lose her coverage?

What Exactly Is Elder Law?

Justin, I read your column every week, and I feel like I’ve learned so much.  Thank you!  You keep saying that your law firm practices Elder Law.  What exactly is Elder Law?

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